Anchor Lamina Inc Anchor Lamina Inc. manufactures high quality die sets, die components, steel plates and metal fabrications and provides related services and components to the builders of molds, dies, fixtures and machines. From their large selection of in-house specialty steels, they can provide the material required for building die sets and molds. Their services include the engineering support required for using the latest die and mold technologies including aerial and die mount cams. A large selection of in-stock die and mold components is available from Anchor Lamina and Coyote Industrial Hardware.

  Brauer has been providing industry with superior engineered tooling products since 1926. Brauer brands are now recognized world-wide as products of the highest quality, and the breadth of our product portfolio provides our demanding customers with tooling, automation and measurement solutions for a wide variety of problems. Whether you require a manual toggle clamp, a pneumatic clamp for your automated assembly line, a heavy duty wheel and castor assembly capable of carrying 50 tons, a linear/rotary stainless steel bearing for the doctor blade on your paper machine or a DataMyte ruggedized SPC collector then the Brauer product portfolio may provide a solution.